Yuan Tze’s Activities

Throughout the year, Yuan Tze travels all over the globe, with retreats in Canada, United States, Ireland, Australia, Africa, New Zealand and Great Britain. During his travels he leads retreats and trains new teachers in the techniques of REN XUE practice. Below are the dates and his activities for 2018.


8-Day REN XUE Healing Retreat

Calgary, Canada 27 April – 4 May, 2018 Contact Sabine Goubau For details, download flyer

Evening Seminar & Healing

Vancouver Island, Canada 24 April, 2018 Contact Stephanie Ross For details, download flyer


5+9-Day REN XUE Healing Retreat Sweden

Part 1: 26-30 June, 2018 Part 2: 30 June – 8 July, 2018 For details visit the REN XUE Europe website

United Kingdom

Weekend Workshop in Brighton, UK

United States of America

14-Day REN XUE Healing Retreat

California, USA 7 – 20 April, 2018 For details visit the REN XUE Americas website

Teachers Training

Level 6 Yuan Gong, Yuan Ming Medicine & REN XUE Professional Training Wonder Valley, Fresno, California 4- 17 November, 2018 Contact Melissa Kung For details visit the Yuan Tze Centre website